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divasearchgirls's Journal

Ambition - A WWE Diva Search Community
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Welcome to "Ambition" a community dedicated to the WWE Diva Search Girls. I made this community because I loved last years Diva Search competition, and this years is no different. Here you can post your comments on the latest Diva Search Girls or the past girls. Either or It doesn't matter! :)

You can also post, Icons, News, RAW Results, Pictures OR spoilers. If you do post SPOILERS make sure it's behind a cut link, not everyone likes spoilers! It's all about having fun people. I just don't want any bashing on each other or the DS girls. I'll tolerate, you saying you.."dislike" some of them. Just don't go all out and say I hate that #%&*# she's such a !@!@$%. That's what I don't allow. Other than that..just have fun people. That's all I'm asking. :)


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