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Last Night On RAW - July 11th 2005

Back on RAW, and the Diva Search girls are getting in the ring, and Coach said we are having a talent contest here tonight. Christy then introduced us to the girls, and Coach said before we get to the competition, somebody has to go home, except for Elisabeth who has immunity. Coach said Alexis has been cut, and she made her way to the back. Christy said each girl will have 60 seconds to show their talent. Ashley was first, and said rather than coming up here and dancing, she has been learning some wrestling. She went over to Coach and he wanted off, and then got Christy in the corner and gave her a monkey flip. They then hugged, and Christy said wow, that was good. Leyla was next, and said her talent requires the referee who threw the towel on her last week. Earl Hebner made his way down and she danced around him, and then gave him a low blow. She said that's for disqualifying her last week. Summer was next, and she said it is Summer time, and she's going to show some athletic ability. She then did some back flips and the splits and stuff. Kristal is next, and she is wearing a fake moustache, and she spoke in a French accent. She said she's going to do a self portrait. She ripped off her coat and moustache, and then poured blue and yellow paint over herself and rolled around on some paper. Elisabeth is next, and she is going to do a dance. She has a police hat on, and then took off her robe and danced about. She handcuffed Christy to the ropes and then slapped her ass. Simona is next, and said she is going to do her fantasy. She has a sword and danced around with the sword looking at Coach. Lawler ? "Coach, you better pull out your sword, I heard it was a little short". She kissed the Coach and the crowd booed her for that one. Cameron (who is dressed in a little schoolgirl outfit, very hot) is last up, and they got some chairs in the ring and Christy sat down and Cameron danced around the chair and gave Christy a kiss and a very hot revealing lap dance. Photos can be found at the link below. It's the top headline. Coach said that's all for the competition, and then told everyone to go to WWE.com and vote for your favorite. No immunity this week I guess?

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